Canine cancer is treatable if caught early and you know what to look for.

I have known more people that have dogs that are suffering from cancers lately, just as I know more people that are suffering from cancers lately. I have known folks that have taken their beloveds to canine oncologists for treatments, and found months of additional life where I didn’t think there would be any life at all. So today when I saw an email from that listed the symptoms of canine cancers I thought it important to share because the sooner you get your beloved in for treatment the more reliable the cure. So, according to the National Canine Cancer Foundation says there are 10 warning signs your dog might have cancer:

Abnormal swellings that persist or continue to grow

Sores that don’t heal

Weight loss

Loss of appetite

Bleeding or discharge from any body opening

Offensive odor

Difficulty eating or swallowing

Hesitation to exercise or loss of stamina

Persistent lameness or stiffness

Difficulty breathing, urinating, or defecating.

If your beloved has any type of growth or shows any of the symptoms listed above, get them into your vet immediately. Don’t delay to see if it resolves itself because the time you wait could be the difference between a curable disease and an incurable nightmare. Being aware of what is normal for your beloved is your best tool for keeping your home happy. The additional expense you’ll incur by waiting is not worth it. You are stepping over dollars to pick up pennies for every day you delay. The pain you’ll suffer in emotional baggage because you’ll beat yourself up for not saving your best friend when you had the chance is simply not worth it. I know because I’ve been there. Our first white Shepherd, Wolffie, died from an exploded spleen due to cancer that showed no symptoms until it was too late. That didn’t stop me from beating myself up for months afterwards. Woulda, shoulda, coulda. But nothing was bringing him home. Now I spend my time educating people on how to check the color of the gums of your beloved as soon as they begin to look lethargic so you know if they’re suffering from internal bleeding, the signs of something big that I was blind to so you don’t find out too late it’s time to call the vet, a sign I missed. They should be bright pink, by the way, and you should check them today so you know what they look like, because you don’t want to guess when you need to know. Life is exponentially different for all of us, and health begins with our diet and keeping our immune system healthy. It works for us and it works for our beloveds. We need them just as they need us. It’s a partnership in health that benefits us both. So be vigilant, and take good care of your best friend so they can be there for you when you need that love. It’s a special gift we just can’t take for granted.

Never forget, it’s only through you the Randolph County Humane Society continues to save lives, one by one.

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Adopt, spay and neuter, but no more breeding. Please…

Every day I see photos of dogs and cats that are in peril of dying if no one adopts them, then I read a post on facebook by someone that says they want to breed a certain breed because there simply aren’t any available there and I wonder, how can this be. How is it possible that there are people that still want to make money breeding dogs or allowing their cats to be not spayed or neutered, bringing more babies into the world, when so many are suffering. I know it’s not because they’re heartless people, at least not these folks, because I know them. They’re not puppy mill people. So what is it? Do they not get the message that all of these animals deserve a home and love? That the love these animals have to give is not dependent on what they look like on the outside, but what they have on the inside and what you give to them? It is so depressing that I simply can’t ponder it for long because there is no answer to my question. I look down at my Zoeybean and think of all the love she gives me every day, and I’m so grateful someone gave her up and I was smart enough to grab her up. And my Action Jackson, my God, the gifts of spirit that I continue to receive through him, even though he went to spirit well over one year ago, continue to astound me. He brought so much love into my life there aren’t words for me to begin to put name to it all. Even if I tried to name all the people that are in my life because of him, the paper would not have enough newsprint to print them all. I am so blessed because I chose to adopt rather than shop. Someone gave up these special souls but I was the one that was blessed with the gifts they brought into my life. I will never be able to repay what they gave, or continue to give, to me. I am the luckiest person in the world. And don’t even get me started on my cats. I am the luckiest person I know. You can be too. You don’t have to look far to find love. I have found the love of people through my love of animals. It’s the miracle in my life. Let the miracle of love work in your life. Go to your local shelter and adopt today, and bring the miracle of love into your life. Don’t wait for luck to knock at your door, go find it, today.

And never forget, it’s only through you the Randolph County Humane Society continues to save lives, one by one.

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There is no such thing as “it’s just a animal” because therein contains a soul.

The faces of grief.

The faces of grief.

Yesterday I was looking for something to write about, and as always something presented itself but it wasn’t what I was expecting. It never is. It was a Twitter photo. It’s a photo from the home of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, the Canadian soldier killed in the line of duty while standing ceremonial guard at the Canadian National War Memorial, the place where we go to honor those that have made the ultimate sacrifice and not the place where we expect someone to make the ultimate sacrifice. The photo shows a wooden gate that enters his yard, surrounded by a high wooden fence, and under this wooden gate are the faces of his two beloveds, German Shepherds, patiently waiting for the return of their human, but you can see on their faces there is an understanding and sadness he’s not coming home. I know they understand from the grieving mourners leaving memorials outside the gate these homages being paid to their beloved has already told them the story, from the mourners heartstrings to theirs, they have an understanding. They’re still standing guard, just as their human did every day, until his last day, with the respect and honor that one gives when you are passionate about those you love and the duty you have sworn till your dying breath. It’s what you do when you love greatly. These animals were fortunate to have him as their human, just as he was fortunate to be loved by these beloveds. This is not the end-all, be-all, and their spirits will be together on the other side because love is an energy that never dies. But today I honor the love left behind for all soldiers that fight and make the ultimate sacrifice and for the families that suffer from that sacrifice, whether it’s human suffering or fur-family suffering, the love is the same. Science has proven it, so let’s stop this nonsense of saying “it’s just a dog” and remember their grief is no different than our own as they wait for their best friend to return, keeping a watchful eye as everyone comes to their gate except the one they most long to see. My heart bleeds for their pain. This is a tribute to the great love of friends. I ask that you offer a prayer of healing for all that are feeling the pain of separation and are suffering today, and through this simple act they will feel the love, from our hearts to theirs, and be comforted.

And never forget, it is only through you that the Randolph County Humane Society continues to save lives, one by one.

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Everything you need to know about how ebola is spread in animals.

After the recent outcry over the euthanization of pet dog belonging to the Ebola infected nurse in Spain, I did research on the latest information available regarding animal to human transmission of the disease. An article from had the most interesting and thought provoking information available for your review: According to the World Health Organization, humans can get Ebola through close contact with the blood, secretions, organs or other bodily fluids of infected animals (including other humans), so people who consume or otherwise handle certain bush meat are at particular risk. Eating infected non-human primates doesn’t tell the whole story, however. There is growing consensus that fruit bats are ground zero for the illness that kills up to 90 percent of humans who become infected. Most of the infected bats appear to come from the following three species: Hypsignathus monstrosus, Epomops franqueti and Myonycteris torquata. “In general, Ebola researchers think that the natural host of Ebola virus are fruit bats, and that the virus is transmitted to non-human primates and then to humans through the bush meat trade,” Purdue University’s David Sanders, one of the world’s leading experts on zoonotic diseases, told Discovery News. He added, “It is possible that there is direct transmission from fruit bats to humans.” Certain cultures in Africa do consume bat meat, such that Guinea earlier this year ordered a ban on consumption of these flying mammals in an effort to halt the epidemic’s spread. As for how non-human primates might become infected, they often feast on fruits that the bats eat. They can also kill and eat bats, or scavenge meat from infected carcasses. Then the question remains: How did bats get the virus? What Is Ebola? Sanders and his team found that the way Ebola infects human cells is nearly identical — both structurally and biochemically — to the way that similar viruses enter bird cells. This suggests that the proteins of the virus had a comparatively recent ancestor. “It is therefore possible that Ebola was at one time associated with a bird host and may even be so today,” Sanders said, adding that the bird must hail from Central Africa. That is where the virus was first detected in 1976 and where outbreaks usually occur. Even plants and insects could have played some role in the evolution of the virus, as Thomas Monath of the Harvard School of Public Health has proposed. Monath postulated that a nonpathogenic virus in insects and/or plants might have mutated, giving rise to Ebola in bats. Blaming humans, bats, chimps or birds for the illness does not then take into account its full possible scope within the ecosystem. That, the present unprecedented epidemic, the potential for bioterrorism, and the fact that no vaccine is available for clinical use have scientists around the world paying greater attention to Ebola and to the animals it can infect. Sanders and his colleagues continue to study birds and their possible role in Ebola’s evolution and transmission. They are also attempting to determine what other animals might be added to the already long list of species that the virus and related viruses could impact.

And never forget it’s only through you the Randolph County Humane Society continues to save lives, one by one.

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I live in the house of Zen when I am smart enough to notice.

Last night I washed the sheets, and that seems to be the call for game time for all the animals. But last night was the funniest of all the game times I have ever seen. I normally prefer to do this when my husband is at home so he can help with making the bed because it’s tough to wrestle the sheets on a king sized bed when the cats and dogs decide it’s time to lay on the clean sheets before the bed is fully made. But I got the fitted sheet almost complete when I turned around and there was Donald the cat in a position that I can only describe as being reminiscent of a yoga position, legs in an extended straight V shape with his tail between his legs, except Donald had his front paws around the outside of his back legs, catching the tip of his tail with his mouth by biting it and doing cartwheel like maneuvers in a big circle all around the bed. I wish I had a camera to capture the action because it was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, ever, out of any of my animals. I don’t think he knew it was his tail that he was getting, and it kept getting away from him, and the faster it got away the faster he went after it. He rolled and rolled, around and around, and he kept picking up speed until I got to laughing so hard he stopped to look at me and then that was the end of the game. That five minutes was a special kiss from the universe. I feel sorry for people that don’t have this joy in their lives. They simply don’t know what they’re missing! And that’s the point of this post. How often do we got so caught up in the activities of our daily lives that we miss out on the special moments of living, like this one. I could have been in such a hurry, and I have been at times in the past, where my first response is to remove Donald from the bed so I can get it made. I would have missed out on his antics, and missed out on the laughter that was a gift to my soul. Every day we spend dollar upon dollar in search of the next big thing that’s going to get us to Nirvana. If we stop for a moment and take stock of what we have right in front of us, we already have it in our pets. Eckhart Tolle summed it up best when he said ‘I have lived with several Zen masters — all of them cats.’ So before you decide you need the next designer drug to cure what ails you, or another drug to cure the symptoms caused by the last drug you were prescribed to cure your latest ailment, take a moment and see if just being in the moment with your beloved doesn’t make you forget about your aches and pains, maybe even takes that stress and blood pressure close to normal, and put you back into that frame of mind where life is once again a state of being that you can handle without keeping the pharmaceutical industry stocks at all time highs on the Dow. It’s time we took back our health in a more natural way and at the same time save the animals that have no one to love them that are wasting away at the shelters. They need to love you just as much as you need to be loved, so it’s a win-win proposition. Do it today. Take that moment for you. It’s the best thing you’ll do for yourself all day. Be fully present. Feel your beloved’s fur beneath your fingers. Look into their eyes and see the joy they have in seeing you fully present in theirs. Now take what you just learned and apply that method of living into every second of every day. Feel the breeze on your face. Smell the change of seasons. Hear the leaves falling around you. Live in this moment. Be alive. Be the Love your dog believes you to be.

And never forget, it’s only through you the Randolph County Humane Society continues to save lives, one by one.

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