How do everyday workers survive household pets but police cannot?

This weekend I was contemplating another example of a police officer shooting and killing a dog because they felt their life was in danger. The officer in question came to the home of a person that had done nothing wrong. The door of their vehicle was standing open in their driveway and the officer wanted to inform them they may have had a break-in. When they answered their door their dog ran outside, barking, and ran at the officer, and he pulled his weapon and shot their dog three times in its head, killing it instantly. I don’t know what to think. Actually I do but I can’t put it into words here because this is going to be published in the newspaper and they can’t print what I’m thinking. This officer went to this home, unannounced, knocking on their door, to offer a service and decided he was in danger. I’m not even going to go down the path you think I’m going to take but instead I want to give props to all the people that go into these very same neighborhoods, every day, every week, every month, every year, and see these same dogs these officers have decided are so dangerous they needed to shoot them on sight, killing them and taking away their comfort and love from their family. The people I speak of are the meter readers, the mail carriers, the UPS driver, the trash collectors, etc. All the people that are part of our neighborhoods, part of our daily living, that see our animals in our yards, at our doors, in our daily lives, and some how manage to live with them, side by side, unscathed, yet these police officers that carry a weapon feel free to pull the trigger and end their lives because they can. Then at the news conference afterward when asked if they were in the right their superior always says yes, they were in the right to do that dastardly deed. Well, I am confident there are moments in time when they are in the right but there are more times than not when they need to holster that weapon and remember, they are here to protect and serve. Until that dog bites they have no need to pull a gun and shoot at a dog. I am tired of it always being the dog that is the one that suffers. We need police officers that understand those dogs have a duty to their owners, just as they have a duty to the public. We’re all in this together, and when we treat each other with kindness and love we’ll all be the better for it. Let’s think before we act. Some actions you can’t take back. Be grateful today for all those people that walk among us that don’t harass our animals. They are the Angels among us. Appreciate them and their kindness when you see them. It is only in understanding it is not a given that we can truly understand how much they do in their job for us. And for those, like the one I speak of in the beginning of this thread, let’s not just allow this behavior to go unpunished. There is no need when there are so many that are able to do their job without bloodshed. You don’t have to look far to find the real heroes of the street.

And never forget, it’s only through you the Randolph County Humane Society continues to save lives, one by one.

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I was chosen today…

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog month, so for the last of the month I am, once again, pulling out the one poem I’ve written. I wrote it about the thing I feel most passionate about, the animals that don’t find their way way to the no-kill shelter, the unloved and forgotten animals that suffer in this world. So please, if you haven’t yet there is still time to adopt that one that will bring joy to your soul. And in homage to the less fortunate of the world that will never know your warm loving arms:

I was chosen today…

I was chosen today.
Not to have fun, not to play
But to be the one that has to make way
Because there are so many that need my bed.

I was chosen today.
When you left me I felt so betrayed,
I ran after you as you drove away,
But you didn’t even look back to see my tears.

I was chosen today.
I tried to be my very best self when I was on display,
My shelter mom would hold me afterwards to love me and tell me it would be okay,
But I knew my time was short because there are so many.

I was chosen today.
My shelter mom is crying because there can’t be another delay.
She doesn’t understand why you won’t neuter and spay,
And prevent the problem of overpopulation that bring so many of us to the shelter in the first place.

I was chosen today,
Don’t be sad, shelter mom, I’m wasting away.
You knew if I wasn’t adopted I couldn’t stay
So today I’ll be euthanized to make room for another dog that has a chance to be adopted.

I was chosen today.

Don’t forget, it’s only through you that the Randolph County Humane Society continues to save lives, one by one.

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Is it the commercial, hormones, Willie or all the dogs I’ve loved before?

Tonight I saw a TV commercial that brought me to tears. It’s been a long time since that happened. In the old days it used to happen regularly. I don’t know if it’s because my hormones aren’t what they used to be or the commercials aren’t cut of the same cloth they were 40 years ago, but it used to be a regular occurrence. Not any more. Tonight I saw a Subaru commercial with a guy marking events off a bucket list for his best friend, his Buddy, with Willie Nelson in the background singing “You’re my buddy, my pal, my friend. It will be that way until the end, and wherever you go, I want you to know, you’re my buddy, my pal, my friend.” Yeppers, it’s a tear jerker. Not because of Willie, although it’s a nice touch. Not because of all the fun things he’s doing for his best friend to show his appreciation, although it’s really, really nice. It’s because I know how it feels when your best friend is approaching that time of crossing the great horizon, the limit of our sight, to be together no more on this earthly plain. And every time I allow myself to go that place I cry. It takes me to my knees in emotional pain. It doesn’t make any difference how much time passes, I still miss every one of their sweet, fuzzy faces.

Yes, I’ve had more than one special loves in my past and I can see more pain in my future because I will continue to adopt until I breathe no more, but as Mother Teresa says if you love until it hurts there can be no more hurt, only more love. When I cry in pain the tears are from missing all the love I’ve experienced. It’s the one constant I know I can count on no matter what else changes in my life. I know the sun will shine on my day, the stars will shine in my night sky, and my beloved dogs will be there to support me no matter where my life journey takes me. On that I can depend. They live in my moments, happy just to be. They don’t care if I’m having a good day or a bad day, they’re content to just be there, by my side. Everyone else has expectations of me and from me, and some days I have nothing to give. On those days my beloveds are satisfied to sleep on the couch, close to me, not requiring anything of me. I appreciate that. When I walk, they walk by my side, not asking anything of me unless I’m willing. What a gift of spirit they are. There are no disappointments, except the loss of their presence in my life. I often forget to say “thank you” to the Creator for this special gift He has provided. I try not to forget how important these special gifts are to my being. I don’t want to wait for their last days to show my appreciation for all they’ve given me. I want every day to be a bucket list of my love. Their lives are short. Cherish them. Every day in every way possible.

And never forget, it’s only through you the Randolph County Humane Society continues to save lives, one by one.

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When you’re saying your prayers looking for answers, the answer lies within.

Every day I am surrounded by stories that tell of the best of animal lovers and the worst of the haters. I’m never quite sure where to look. Is it more important to share the stories of where we are lacking or to bring you the news of where we’ve made great strides because I promise, they’re both there to be found. It’s just a matter of which way you decide to look today. My heart is overwhelmed with sadness when I bring you news of how egregious the behaviors of some can be towards those that have no voice. How do we stop the hatefulness that appears to be so pervasive in the world today? Is it really that rampant, or is it just that our world is so much smaller and more intimate than it used to be so the things that went unnoticed by the masses before are now picked up by every news outlet, hungry for every story. I don’t know the answer but I believe that may be part of it. I believe we’ve made progress in our fight to help the helpless, but that doesn’t mean you can stop thinking about them. I remember the day I saw the story about Patrick, the starved, emaciated dog, left for dead and thrown down the trash shoot in Newark, NJ. I became involved in a letter writing campaign to insure Patrick received justice but then I thought, what have I done for the animals that are abused in my own back yard? That’s when I began to follow the court cases for felony animal abuse in my own county. It’s important to clean up where you reside and stop chasing rainbows elsewhere. Donate time in your Humane Society. Remember, when you say the prayer (and it is a prayer, never forget) “God, why doesn’t someone do something” the response, if you were only listening is “You are there, my child. You are My Eyes, My Ears, and My Earthly Soul to correct the wrongs you know in your heart need correcting.” So listen to the whisper of the breeze and know, when you say your prayers, the answer lies within.

And never forget, it’s only through you the Randolph County Humane Society continues to save lives, one by one.

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Everyone needs a friend, one really good friend.

Tillie and Phoebe

Tillie and Phoebe

Our world is becoming more and more fractured. You read the news and wonder what is going on with people. I guess I’m getting old because it seems almost daily I hear myself saying the very thing I used to hate hearing, “when I was young.” I hated hearing it because I thought it was a comment there was something less than perfect about how my generation was creating the world. But in my eyes, there is something less than perfect about the world my generation created. I’m not blaming it on the future generations but taking full responsibility for what we, the baby boomers, created. We didn’t get to this place overnight. It took many years to bring this amount of dysfunction to the world. But then there appears a story in the news that shows me there are still pockets of Light and Love to show me the way of how to live in this fractured world, and who is this shining example of living but two dogs. Tillie and Phoebe. A shining example of love and loyalty, the living example of what friendship should be but something not found often in this fast paced world of electronic mania.
Vashon Island Pet Protectors (, a non-profit organization that runs a lost and found operation to reunite lost animals with their guardians, was called in to help Phoebe and Tillie’s distraught owner five days after they disappeared. A volunteer received a call that a reddish-colored dog had been coming up to members of a community, trying to get help for her friend by making herself noticed, and the folks that knew of the missing girls thought it might just be one of the lost pair they’d heard about. Hoping for the best Amy Carey headed out with her rescue team. They made their way to the ravine, called Tillie’s name and heard a faint, one-woof response in return. They followed the sound of her barks and they found Tillie laying beside an old cistern. They peeked over the rim, fearing the worst while praying for the best, and found Phoebe peering back at them. Worse for the wear after being stuck for a week, but safe and sound no less. If it weren’t for the love and devotion of her best friend Tillie this story could have had a dramatically different ending.
Do you have any friends that are willing to stand by your side, outside, through the weather, when you’re in peril while they’re perfectly able to come and go as they please? That’s a true friend. Not many of us are that fortunate, but those of us that have beloveds that we’ve saved know they will be there to save us during our time of need. I know, because I’ve been saved before. I’m saved every day during my times of weariness. When I feel I simply can’t go on I look up and draw strength from those around me, and everywhere I look I see the strength of my rescued animals. They made it through unbelievable horrors before finding my loving arms and if they can survive all that, I can certainly survive my easy life. They’ll be there for you too if you let them into your heart. Every day in every way.

And never forget, it’s only through you the Randolph County Humane Society continues to save lives, one by one.

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